Galentine’s Day makes me want to do precisely two things: spend time with my best girl friends and eat all the sweets. This year I’ll be spending the day a little bit differently than previous years because, although I was recently vaccinated, COVID is still significantly limiting my in-person socializing. The other—and lighter—reason this year is different is because I’ve fallen in love with naturally sweet, build-your-own yogurt parfaits.

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I’ve enjoyed yogurt since I was a kid eating GoGurt out of the tube. Like I do with most foods, however, I’ll go through phases where I eat yogurt every day for months and then don’t eat it at all for months. (Does anyone else go through phases like that?)

Since I started working from home in December, I’ve been saving a few dollars, eating less sugar, and using less plastic by purchasing multi-serve tubs of Chobani’s 2% unsweetened Greek yogurt. Chobani is my favorite yogurt brand because they offer so many varieties to keep up with my increasingly finicky taste buds. They’ve also been a D20 Theory event sponsor since our very first workshop.

Pro tip: Use 1% or 2% low-fat Greek yogurt for parfaits because it balances protein, calories, and healthy fats while maintaining a creamy texture that’s perfect for mixing! Full-fat yogurt is a great base for healthier dips. Non-fat yogurt is an easy way to introduce kids to probiotics because isn’t as dry or tangy.

My motivation to include customizable options like a build-your-own yogurt parfait bar at events like Galentine’s Brunch is a result of my empathy for guests who have dietary restrictions and preferences. I understand that…

  • not everyone eats dairy, gluten, sugar, animal products, etc.
  • people consumer various portion sizes for a number of reasons
  • it’s stressful to worry if there will be anything you can eat and enjoy at an event

Entertainer of the Year

One of my passions is entertaining, and the last year has been eerily quiet at my house without garden parties and Oktoberfests. I enjoy planning, decorating, cooking, and sometimes even the socializing. I’m not a fan of the post-event cleanup, so I try my best to sweet-talk my husband into taking the lead on that part!

I’m an introvert, creative, and planner, so I’m happiest behind the scenes, but I can hardly wait until my friends and family are vaccinated again so I can bring all of my quarantine-era ideas to life for someone other than myself. Until then, I’ll continue sharing my ideas with all of you right here on the blog and spoiling my husband with my signature heart-shaped pancakes with the hope that he’ll wash the dishes after our next large get-together.

Winning Combinations

Try these topping and mix-in combinations with ½ cup plain, low-fat Greek yogurt in your next parfait.

Be My Galentine

All of your favorite pink and heart-shaped candy. This is definitely not a healthy option, but it sure is festive!

A handful of… conversation hearts, Hershey’s Hugs, Nerds, strawberry cheesecake Flipz, Cupid’s Mix M&M’s

Netflix and Chill

2 dried dates (chopped), 1 fresh fig (quartered), 1T walnuts (chopped), dusting of cinnamon, drizzle of honey

PSY (Pumpkin Spice Yogurt)

2T pumpkin puree, 2 dried dates, 1T dried cranberries, 1T chopped pecans, ½ crumbled graham cracker, dusting of pumpkin pie spice, drizzle of honey

Peanut Butter Banana Dream

½ small banana, 1T unsweetened coconut milk, 1T creamy peanut butter, ½ crumbled graham cracker, dusting of cinnamon

Berry Sweet

¼ cup fresh mixed berries, 1T unsweetened coconut milk, 2T granola, drizzle of honey

Berry Sweet yogurt parfait

Pro tip: Keep the sugar low and natural by sticking to unsweetened plain yogurt and adding fresh or dried fruit. Then sprinkle your preferred sweetener on top. My favorites are demerara sugar and Truvia.

A Lovely Display

Add the finishing touches to your build-your-own yogurt parfait bar with a few mason jars. Then use Canva to print and frame a custom list of your favorite topping and mix-in combinations (feel free to use mine!) and place card-sized labels for all of the ingredients.

What is your favorite yogurt topping or mix-in? Share your thoughts in the comments and tag @d20theory on Instagram.