You’ve decided to launch that website you’ve been thinking about forever. Congrats! If you Googled “how to start a website,” you’re probably experiencing analysis paralysis because you couldn’t find a simple checklist for choosing a web hosting service in language you could easily understand and wasn’t published by a biased hosting service—until now!

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If you want to grow your personal or professional brand, you need a website. Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. I remember reading through reviews and lists for hours when I launched this website, and I kept thinking the same thing… “I wish someone would create a checklist so I knew what I was even looking for.”

If you’re feeling the same way, please allow me to minimize your pain, and use this web hosting checklist of factors you should consider when choosing a hosting platform.

Web Hosting Checklist

The Checklist

Top 3 Factors

These three factors will help you to narrow down your list quickly.

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Uptime

Other Considerations

All of these factors should be considered if the service meets your standards for the Top 3 Factors above. However, these additional considerations will be of variable importance depending on your specific needs.

  • Number of websites supported
  • Number of email accounts supported
  • Site transfer fee (if you’re currently hosting elsewhere)
  • Trial period
  • Length of contract and renewal
  • Customer support
  • Domain name (may need to purchase separately or as an add-on)
  • SSL (may need to purchase separately or as an add-on)
  • Storage limit

A Quick Analysis

I have been extremely satisfied with the Siteground hosting of this website since the Fall of 2018. You can see all their features and stats here. The second runner up when I was doing my research was Blue Host. They have impressive features and stats, but they’re much more expensive.

Once you choose a hosting platform, you can use Canva to effortlessly create beautiful graphics for both your website and social media accounts. Most graphics associated with D20 Theory are created by me using Canva. The free tier gives you access to a ton of features, but you can start accumulating credits toward a paid plan just by using my link so sign up.

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Do you have experience managing a website? If so, have you been satisfied with your hosting platform? If you’re just getting started, share your questions below or send me a DM on Instagram: @d20theory