Style Notes

We love…

Home + office products with floral patterns + natural elements, playful + feminine graphics, watercolor brush strokes + gold accents.

DIY elements in everything we do.

Products made by local, small businesses.

Motivational quotes because words are powerful.

Paper products like journals, to-do lists, and invitations…even if that makes us a little bit “old school” in an age of technology.

Creative projects that can be completed in an hour or less.

Recipes that impress guests without being stressfully complicated.

I adore pretty things and witty words.

Kate Spade

Boss Babe Box

For the multipassionate goal-getter who’s crushing it at work, school, and home. She calls the shots in her life and is invested in personal growth. These products will help her to get organized, develop healthy habits, create balance, stay motivated, and achieve her goals!

D20 Theory Large Summer Boss Babe Box

In this box…

1) notebook
2) travel checklist
3) mantra pen
4) desk catchall
5) mouse pad
6) matching stapler + extension cord
7) flag sticky notes + washi tape
8) cork board + push pins
BONUS CONTENT: Breathing + Meditation Techniques

D20 Theory Large Fall Boss Babe Box

In this box…

1) notebook + stickers
2) mantra pen
3) daydreamer mug
4) charging cord organizer
5) magnetic clothespin + flag sticky notes
6) delegation sticky notes
7) quote poster
8) meal plan + grocery list*
*BONUS CONTENT: Meal Planning Tips

Roll the Dice Box

For the multipassionate goal-getter who enjoys nurturing her passions and discovering new ones. Each RTD box includes a few of the items from the Boss Babe Box, as well as lifestyle items to help you find new ways to nurture your passions and discover new ones.

If you’re always saying you wish someone would give you a push to try crafting, baking, gardening, charcuterie board making, and other new hobbies… take a chance and roll the dice!

D20 Theory Large Spring Roll the Dice Box

In this box…

1) affirmation book
2) mantra pen
3) earbuds + cord taco*
4) colored pencils + eraser
5) coloring postcards
6) succulent gardening kit
7) honey sticks
8) tea bag rest
*BONUS CONTENT: Podcasts for Boss Babes

D20 Theory Large Summer Roll the Dice Box

In this box…

1) paper straws
2) cupcake liners
3) tea towel
4) DIY necklace kit
5) quote poster
6) weekly desk notepad
7) mantra pen
8) washi tape
BONUS CONTENT: Summer Color Palette Inspiration for Home, Office + Party Decor

D20 Theory Large Winter Roll the Dice Box

In this box…

1) Terrain book
2) wine charms + bottle stopper
3) button magnets
4) hourly to-do list
5) tape dispenser + tape
6) mantra pin
7) puzzle + paint pen kit
8) mini canvas kit*
*BONUS CONTENT: How to Design a Gallery Wall

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