An hour of lost sleep doesn't have to impact your productivity and mindset if you have a plan to survive the time change.

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Springtime promises warmer weather and blooming flowers one week after Daylight Savings Time grants us an extra hour of sunshine. Although the purpose of Daylight Savings Time is outdated and its popularity is waning, the reality is that many of us still have to navigate the time change twice a year. Use these tips to survive the first week with your productivity and sanity intact.

So we’re losing an hour of sleep…

Every other productivity coach will advise you to go to bed 30 minutes early on Friday and 60 minutes early on Saturday. If it was that easy, wouldn’t we would already be taking that advice? There are two main reasons why we still haven’t tried that after hearing the same suggestions for years.

  1. You’re too busy to go to bed early—or rest feels unproductive.
  2. It’s easier for your body to adjust to an hour of lost sleep than to fall asleep before you’re tired.

If you fall into the first category, stop feeling guilty about lost productivity. You’re playing the long game and setting yourself up for success throughout the week by giving yourself permission to hit the sack an hour early.

If you fall into the second category, carry on as usual. You’re not gaining anything by rolling around in bed, wide awake for an hour before you would normally go to sleep. You pulled plenty of all-nighters in college. You’ll be fine.

Regardless of which category best describes your struggle with the time change, you do you! There is no judgement for embracing what works best for you.

The morning after…

Give yourself a break while you adjust to the time change. Do not over-schedule yourself.

Too late for that? If your calendar is already packed, try to take one thing off your to-do list each day for the first week of Daylight Savings Time. (Also, kudos to you for having already planned out your week!)

Let’s celebrate!

We may be losing an hour of sleep for one night, but we’re gradually gaining daylight until mid-June. Celebrate the extra sunshine while making progress on your goals.

  • Social goal? Enjoy happy hour with friends.
  • Fitness goal? Take a sunset walk.
  • Business goal? Plan a golden hour photoshoot.
  • Nutrition goal? Prepare your garden for the coming warmer weather.
  • Leisure goal? Create spring crafts.

See? It’s not all so grim. I know you’ll survive the time change now that you have a plan!