Use all your senses to experience infinite inspiration, increased focus, and an unshakable mindset. Sensory mantras are more than just words; they tap into our entire human experience.

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If you follow our #ColorfulQuoteOfTheWeek series on Instagram, you know the D20 Theory community of multipassionate goal-getters believes in the power of words. You’ve probably heard of mantras. You may even be brainstorming your “word of the year” for 2021. In this post, I share a new concept: sensory mantras.

What Are Mantras?

Mantras are representations of our aspirations, feelings, and values. They help us recenter ourselves when we feel unbalanced, which increases productivity and improves mindset.

Use this simple, two-step process to incorporate mantras into your productivity and mindset routine:

  1. Identify mantras that inspire to you.
  2. Develop a personalized plan to use mantras in your daily life.
incorporate sensory mantras into your routine

Sensory Mantras

Before we begin this two-step process, we need to understand sensory mantras a little better. Let’s start with an exercise using the mantras with which you are most likely to be familiar: words and phrases.

Grab a journal. Take 2 minutes to write any words, phrases, quotes, or song lyrics that inspire you.

Powerful, right?! Words are powerful, but we have five senses that can all be used to experience happiness, calmness, energy, etc. Sensory mantras go beyond words.

Step 1: Identify Your Sensory Mantras

Take 5 minutes to write ways you like to experience the world with each of your senses that makes you happy, calm, energized. Try to think of at least one thing for each category, but don’t worry if you get stuck.

For example…

  • smell (candles)
  • taste (chocolate)
  • sight (natural light)
  • touch (silky pillowcase)
  • sound (music)

Step 2: Develop a Plan

Now that you have identified enjoyable experiences, consider how they influence your mood. Do vanilla candles make you feel calm? Does chocolate make you feel happy? Does natural light make you feel focused? Does your music make you feel energized? Do silky pillowcases make you feel comfortable?

The next step is finding ways to create flow in your routine by cueing your body to transition. Walk yourself through a typical day from the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep. Include these sensory mantras throughout your day to control your mindset and create experiences that inspire you.

For example…

  • 8am – wake up to an energizing playlist as an alternative to your alarm clock
  • 9am – start your workday near a window with ample sunlight
  • 12pm – light a scented candle to combat stress after a busy morning of meetings
  • 4pm – treat yourself to a late afternoon piece of chocolate
  • 10pm – rest your head on a silky pillowcase as you settle into bed for the night

The Next Level

Take your productivity and mindset practice to the next level with a personalized plan to incorporate sensory mantras into your daily routine. Active members of the coaching program can download the exclusive Sensory Mantras worksheet for free from the Worksheet Library. If you would like to learn more about the program and how I can support you on your productivity and mindset journey, let’s chat!

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