Multi-faceted women require a multifaceted approach to self-care. Bubble baths just won’t cut it for us! Learn how to incorporate the new self-care essentials into your routine.

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Self-care takes the form of many activities: active and passive; solo and group; expensive and free. It can be challenging to know where to start when you’re feeling burned out and need to recharge.

These three categories of self-care are essential for high achieving women to thrive while living the multipassionate lifestyle they love: movement + wellness, productivity + mindset, and multipassionate fun. The goal is to nourish your mind and body while embracing your unique interests and abilities. Read all the way through to learn a SUPER FUN way to get kick start your self-care practice.

Movement + Wellness

This category focuses on nourishing your body. Sure, you’re smart, creative, and ambitious…but you have to keep your body going strong with exercise and the right nutrition if you want to stay mentally sharp.

Try this: yoga, Zumba, walking, kickboxing, stress-reducing meditation, balanced macronutrients, high-protein snacks

Productivity + Mindset

This category focuses on nourishing your mind and increasing productivity. You can do #AllTheThings with the right systems and tools.

Try this: time-blocking, SMART goals, organization strategies, mantras, journaling

Multipassionate Fun

This category focuses on embracing your unique interests and abilities. After all, D20 Theory is based on the premise that being well-rounded helps us to roll through life more easily. Embrace all your facets…like a D20 die!

Try this: arts and crafts, cooking class, spa day, gardening, video editing

The New Self-Care Essentials

One-Day Retreat

Now that you know how to practice self-care as a multipassionate, where do you start? Do you have a community of boss babes to lean on for support? Have you heard about Self-Care Camp?

Self-Care Camp is a retreat for multipassionate women to take a break from #adulting for a day to nourish their minds and bodies, while building community with a tribe of like-minded ladies.

This quarterly event series reimagines all the things we loved about summer camp, field trips, earning Girl Scout badges, and YMCA programs as kids.

Self-Care Camp

Take a break from the stress of the daily grind and connect with other multipassionate women who get it. Refuel your mind and body with three fun sessions: movement + wellness, productivity + mindset, and multipassionate… plus games and giveaways!

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