The dog days of summer are upon us, which hopefully means lots of pool days to stay cool. Sometimes it’s just too hot to be outside, and it can be nice to have an activity planned to keep yourself (and the family) occupied in the air conditioning for a few hours. Seasonal canvas paintings are a fun project for individuals and groups, so why not make it a party?

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Painting Party

Painting is an engaging creative outlet for kids and adults. Many people, including myself, have attended painting events like Paint Night, Painting with a Twist, Board and Brush, or Paint and Sip. I very much prefer to host painting parties at my house. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere because you can control every aspect of the event, such as the duration of time spent painting, the seating arrangement, the size of your canvas, and the food and beverages. It’s also less expensive because we are not paying to rent a space or have staff guide and clean up after us. Many of my friends are creative people, so we don’t necessarily want or need to have staff telling us how to paint a predetermined. My friends who are not as creative frankly don’t care how perfectly their paintings turn out because we’re all having fun regardless!

When I host, I set up a folding table and disposable tablecloth in the living room and put a movie or music on in the background. We chat, sip, and snack while we paint. I do not mind providing the paint and brushes, as well as the meeting space and light snacks. My policy is always BYOC (bring your own canvas)—or BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) in the fall. I have not hosted an Easter egg painting party to date, but you can read about my solo adventures in a previous post.

What to Paint for Each Season

You can see what motifs I chose to represent each season, but there are plenty of alternatives that may better suit your style and skill level. I have provided a few options, divided into four categories for each season: nature, nostalgia, food, and baseball. The nature motifs would look great in a sun room. The nostalgia motifs are probably the most versatile for where they could fit in with one’s décor. The food motifs would make the most sense in the kitchen or dining area. I imagine the sports motifs enhancing the décor in a den or playroom. The possibilities are unlimited!


  • Nature – bunny or butterfly
  • Nostalgia – Easter basket
  • Food – strawberries
  • Sports – baseball
Spring Canvas Painting


  • Nature – ocean sunset
  • Nostalgia – beach ball or sunglasses
  • Food – frozen daiquiri or slice of watermelon
  • Sports – soccer ball
Summer Canvas Painting


  • Nature – leaves or acorn
  • Nostalgia – cornucopia
  • Food – candy corn or pumpkin pie
  • Sports – football
Fall Canvas Painting


  • Nature – snowflakes
  • Nostalgia – mittens or wooden sled
  • Food – cup of hot tea
  • Sports – basketball or hockey stick (or Gritty for Philly fans)
Winter Canvas Painting

You will need…

  • Canvases. A four-pack of canvases is easy to find online or at any craft store. I prefer these black, gallery-wrapped canvases for the seasonal canvas paintings.
  • Paint. You can stick to a color scheme with three to four colors or paint the rainbow. Either way, a variety pack of acrylic paint like this one will have everything you need.
  • Brushes. The size and shape of brush you will need depends on what you ultimately choose to paint, but it is always a good idea to have a variety of brushes available. This paint brush multi-pack is a great way to start or replenish your supply.

Let’s do it!

This is your project, so let your style and skills guide you. However, it is helpful to stock up on supplies, think about what you want to paint beforehand, and clearly state to your guests what they are expected to bring. I suggest guests bring a 4-pack of canvases, painting clothes or a smock, and a snack or beverage for sharing.

My policy is always BYOC (bring your own canvas)—or BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) in the fall.

These seasonal canvas paintings are fun for kids and adults, and they can be displayed in the home or office. What seasonal motifs would you paint? Have you completed a similar project? Let us know in the comments!

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