Mason jar crafts are so 2010! It’s a new decade, and test tube vials are on trend. You will find inspiration in this post to repurpose your first set of vials.

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Glass vials are the slimmer cousins of the mason jar with the same level of versatility. They have more of an industrial aesthetic compared to rustic mason jars. Some vials have rounded bottoms and require wooden or metal stands. Others have flat bottoms and can stand alone. Instead of threaded metal lids, they have cork stoppers. Similarly to mason jars, vials can be purchased new from the craft store or found at flea markets and yard sales. Repurpose a single vial or an entire set!

Pro tip: Look for discounts on vials after Halloween when they are often marketed as spooky test tubes. They will likely be located in the wedding favor section of the store during the remainder of the year.


Fill your vials with practical or visually interesting items. Here are a few pairing ideas for sets.

  • Colored sand + tiny seashells
  • Loose leaf tea + rock sugar
  • Dried herbs and coarse sea salt
  • Flower and plant seeds
  • Small candy (M&M’s, Nerds, etc.)
  • Birthday candles and sprinkles
  • Single-stem flowers and rooting plants
  • Glitter and gemstones
  • Bath salts and essential oils
Rooting plants.
Photo: Lisa Courtney

Pro tip: If filling vials with contents that are difficult to distinguish, such as loose leaf tea, seeds, dried herbs, bath salts, or essential oils label the vials with washi tape, which is easy to remove when the contents change. You don’t want to confuse bath salt for sea salt!

Assorted glass vial set.

Pro tip: If your set of vials includes a natural wood stand, personalize it with acrylic paint, adhesive embellishments, and/or a name or monogram.

Personalized glass vial stands.

Just like mason jars, the possibilities are endless! Share your ideas in the comments. Yogurt jars are another unconventional favorite craft item. Learn how to make a tea light candle jar here.

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