My number one productivity and mindset hack allows you to achieve any goal more quickly and with less stress.

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As I was recently watching the women’s track and field Olympic trials, I found myself thinking that the only way I could ever win is if I had a head start—and a big one! I’m no Olympic runner, but I do enjoy a friendly competition, the feeling of accomplishment, and opportunities to challenge myself.

Productivity, Mindset, and the Multipassionate Lifestyle

Let’s face it—you are probably your biggest competition. You’re a self-starter, and you know what you want to achieve in life. I hear it all the time…

You feel limited by a scarcity mindset, imposter syndrome, or society’s pressure to “niche down” or “focus on one thing” when you know you want to live the multipassionate lifestyle. (All of the above? I hear you, girl!)

Your time management and organizational skills could be better, too. (Like, why are there never enough hours in the day? And if you could just settle on one planner that actually worked for you…) But you have the passion, and that’s the thing I can’t help you with as a productivity and mindset coach.

My Favorite Productivity and Mindset Hack

Here’s how I can help.

Wouldn’t it be game-changing to get a head start on your goals? This productivity and mindset hack feels as good as winning an Olympic race fair and square, but it’s so easy it feels like cheating.

My number one productivity and mindset hack is…

Give yourself a head start.

Keep reading to learn how to make this strategy work for you.

The Science Behind the Hack

Your brain thrives on timeframes that it can easily comprehend and extrapolate—hours, days, weeks, and months. It’s easier to plan a routine and be consistent with goal-related habits when activities fit into schedules you’re already using.

For example… It would be difficult to consistently attend a gym class that occurred every 6 days instead of once per week. You would constantly be trying to remember what day the next class is, and it would eventually coincide with other commitments on your calendar.

The 6-day frequency isn’t just annoying. You’re significantly more likely to give up on your goal because it requires more effort to maintain a routine. Routines allow you to practice consistency with your goal-related habits and avoid unnecessary stress.

How to Get a Head Start

Work through these steps for giving yourself a head start with a specific goal in mind. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to read 10 books, lose 10 pounds, or get 10 job interviews. This. Hack. Works.

Now that you understand the science behind the hack, you can capitalize on the brain’s affinity for regular cycles. The beginning of a month is a natural starting point, so it will be easy to track your progress with a new goal-related habit over a period of 30 days. This amount of time also allows you to reflect and make weekly adjustments without feeling like you have to analyze your progress before you even begin to see results.

The next step is the most important. Refraining from starting a new habit immediately minimizes pressure and sets you up for success. Give yourself one to three weeks to really think about your confidence and readiness to work on this goal, the steps it will take to achieve your goal, and if your expectations are realistic within the given timeframe.

Allow yourself to gather any resources and products you will need in advance. Reading 10 books? Purchase the books, find your reading glasses, and set up a comfy reading nook. Losing 10 pounds? Renew your gym membership, save healthy recipes on Pinterest, and clean your sneakers. Interviewing for 10 jobs? Update your resume, dry clean your go-to interview outfits, and upgrade your LinkedIn membership.

You may also give yourself a head start by testing out the habits and routines that will support your goals. The key is to keep your expectations low until Day 1 of the new month. Don’t be disappointed if you’re making minimal progress or only giving 50% effort—you didn’t officially start yet!

With this mindset, you’ll build momentum and confidence as you approach Day 1. Think of this period as “pre-work.” Anything you do before Day 1 is a bonus, and only the wins count! When you give yourself a head start, you reduce the likelihood that you’ll feel overwhelmed on Day 1 of the new month.

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