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Networking for Introverts


If the thought of networking makes you want to hide under your chair, you’ve ever faked a migraine to avoid a networking event, or you’ve actually worried yourself sick with anxiety before an event, you’re not alone. As an introvert, it took me years to find a method for networking that felt more like a positive opportunity for growth and less like a root canal!

Web Hosting Checklist


You’ve decided to launch that website you’ve been thinking about forever. Congrats! If you Googled “how to start a website,” you’re probably experiencing analysis paralysis because you couldn’t find a simple checklist for choosing a web hosting service in language you could easily understand and wasn’t published by a biased hosting service—until now!

Boss Babe Book Review: Dare to Lead


Anyone can be a leader, including you! Leadership is about mentality and behavior, not titles or salaries. If you’re feeling stuck or lacking the motivation to make real progress on your self-improvement goals halfway through the year, this book could be a game changer.