The holiday season may look a little different this year, but there’s no doubt it will be special. In this post, I share inspiration for a magical holiday season with an emphasis on comfort and food.

Are you considering shaking the traditions that don’t fit into our new normal? Trying to plan a celebration that is as close to pre-COVID normal as possible? Searching for a way to make the season extra special? Whether you’re a single dog mom, newlywed, or have little ones running around the house, there are plenty of ways to (safely) enjoy the holiday season.

Good people and good food are always at the heart of any holiday or celebration my husband and I host. This year for Thanksgiving, we’re ditching the out-of-state travel and days of leftovers for takeout and connecting with family on Zoom. Although it seems like the perfect way to embrace my homebody nature, our biggest priority is everyone’s safety during the pandemic.

Higher quality, lower quantity

When you’re not feeding six, twelve, or twenty guests, you can reinvest your holiday budget in a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Whether the meal is takeout or home-cooked is up to you!


My husband and I have always joked that if we renew our vows, we’re not having a large celebration like our wedding. Don’t get me wrong: we enjoyed every minute of our ceremony and reception. It’s just a once in a lifetime experience for us. The second time around, we would rather spend the same budget on an exuberant experience for two.

While that is definitely on the extreme side, considering the thousands of dollars that made our wedding dreams come true, that desire to nurture our relationship is the inspiration for this style of holiday celebration. The most work I’ll be doing this Thanksgiving is arranging a bouquet of flowers for our centerpiece. I’ll never complain about a holiday spent with my forever dinner date, and we’ll catch up with the family on Zoom throughout the day.


I really enjoy cooking and baking (a rare combination, I know!) for many reasons. It’s healthier, more affordable, and comes out exactly how I like it. However, a free pass to splurge on takeout for one day is too good to pass up this year. An alternative way to embrace the higher quality holiday celebration is to purchase the high-ticket ingredients you normally wouldn’t use when feeding a crowd. You finally have permission to use that truffle oil you’ve been hiding, I mean “saving,” in the cabinet for a special occasion.

“Parker” table setting
Photo credit: Table and Teaspoon

Elevate your tablescape without sacrificing convenience with a rental service like Table and Teaspoon. Choose one of their trendy themes, and they ship everything to you. I do mean everything, including textile runners, napkins, dinner plates, salad plates, flatware, wine glasses, water glasses, menu cards, place cards, paper straws, taper candles, and candlesticks. When the party is over, you mail it back…dirty dishes and all!

Souper Sunday

If you can’t imagine the holidays without leftovers and football, this option is for you. Keep it simple with turkey soup made from the leftover meat. Stock up on salad veggies before the main meal, and freeze a few rolls before they’re all gobbled up. A couple of days later, put it all together and turn on the game for your new favorite tradition—Souper Sunday.

“Thankful” shirt
Photo credit: Alley and Rae

You know I’ll be wearing my super comfy “thankful” tee from Alley and Rae all season long.

Roll the Dice Subscription Box

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D20 Theory subscription box

How are you making the holidays special this year? Share your ideas in the comments!