Create one of these quick and easy DIY wreaths when you’re short on time—but not holiday spirit!

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The holidays are hectic, but that’s no reason for a less-than-festive door. Welcome guests with a quick and easy holiday wreath that looks like you spent hours with the hot glue gun.

Pro tip: Start with a store-bought wreath base. Spruce it up (literally!) with materials you have around the house and found objects from your own backyard.

Use One Object

Repetition is pleasing to the eye and easy to create because it doesn’t require advanced planning and materials sourcing to appear balanced.

Wrap shiny garland, glowing string lights, or sparkly ribbon around a foam base. String ornaments, jingle bells, gift bows, or pom-pom balls. Secure pinecones with floral wire or hot glue. Repurpose your holiday greeting cards by cutting them into festive shapes and tucking them into a vine base.

Start in the Kitchen

Look no further than your refrigerator for inspiration.

Create a mixed herb wreath with this demo from Real Simple. Take what you need from the wreath during your holiday dinner party.

Overlap and “glue” stale gingerbread and sugar cookies together with frosting in the shape of a wreath.

A Finishing Touch

Give a tired or sparse wreath new life with embellishments. Insert sprigs that you have left over from other holiday craft projects. Add a few mini bulbs to complement the tree. Attach the tiny reindeer or snowman figurines your kids don’t play with anymore. Get creative with the embellishments!

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