Motivation fluctuates over time. Habits and routines allow you to coast through periods of low motivation with minimal effort. Understand the Habit-Motivation Cycle and incorporate a key set of habits that support any goal.

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It is impossible to be 100% motivated to achieve every goal 100% of the time. You are less likely to get off track when you practice habits and routines that make it easy to commit to your goals.

Habit-Motivation Cycle

Identify habits and develop routines that support your goals. Habits lead to fewer setbacks. Fewer setbacks lead to lower stress and sustained motivation. Lower stress and higher motivation lead to a stronger commitment to your habits and routines.

Habit-Motivation Cycle

Note: I am not suggesting you live your life on autopilot. Mindfulness allows you to understand and enjoy the journey, as well as celebrate your accomplishments.

Habits to Support Any Goal

  1. Bookend your day with routines
  2. Get clear about your short-term and long-term goals
  3. Invest in systems and tools to make it easier to stay on track
  4. Build a support network of multipassionate women
  5. Infuse your week with motivation

Bookend your day with routines

Start and end your day with routines that provide you with the flexibility to give yourself grace when you’re not feeling the most motivated. A balance of consistency and flexibility is key when pursuing a multipassionate lifestyle. This Instagram post will help you discover the perfect balance.

Pro tip: Start small. Don’t try to overhaul your entire routine at once. Gradual changes are the easiest to maintain.

Get clear about your short-term and long-term goals

During their first session, new D20 Theory coaching clients use the “My Goal Plan” worksheet to create a personalized plan. We work backwards from the end goal, through the short-term milestones, all the way down to the daily habits. If this sounds like the type of support you need to achieve the next level of success, schedule a free discovery call with me.

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Invest in systems and tools to make it easier to stay on track

If only there was a way to discover the best personal development books, receive recommendations for productivity and mindset apps, and fill your workspace with cute supplies… That is exactly why the D20 Theory subscription boxes exist!

Subscribe once and receive a productivity and mindset boost every three months in the form of happy mail. These are products you can actually use—not fluff to clutter your home and office. Our boxes are less expensive than your last Target run and way more beneficial to your goals.

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Build a support network of multipassionate women

Connect with women who understand your desire to juggle 100 roles and projects at once. Not everyone gets it, but the D20 Theory community does! Join us for our next event.

Pro tip: Watch the recordings of the Productivity + Tea series, and get excited for the next event!

Infuse your week with motivation

Motivation is a habit, too! Check out D20 Theory’s collection of motivational quotes with accompanying journal prompts and activities. The Colorful Quote of the Week series was created specifically for multipassionate goal-getters like you to dive deep into all aspects of productivity and mindset.

Pro tip: Reward yourself in small ways that don’t undermine your goals. For example, one cupcake has a much smaller impact on your healthy lifestyle goal than an entire “cheat day” does.

What habits are you ready to initiate today? D20 Theory is here to support you with all of your goals! Make sure you join the VIP List to receive productivity and mindset worksheets, monthly resource guides, and invitations to workshop events.