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Self-Care Camp – Fall 2021

Self-Care Camp

Self-Care Camp is a retreat for ambitious, multipassionate women to take a break from #adulting for a day to nourish their minds and bodies while making meaningful connections.

This quarterly event series reimagines all the things we loved about summer camp, field trips, earning Girl Scout badges, and YMCA programs.

Take a break from the stress of the daily grind and connect with other ambitious women who get it. Refuel your mind and body with three fun sessions: movement + wellness, productivity + mindset, and multipassionate lifestyle… plus games and giveaways!

Tickets are available until September 25 @ 8pm ET.

Self-Care Camp virtual retreat

The Details

Date + Time

Sunday, September 26

10am – 4:30pm ET


virtual (Zoom)

Can’t attend live? No worries! The three main sessions (Movement + Wellness; Productivity + Mindset; Multipassionate Lifestyle) will be recorded and shared via email within 72 hours of the event.

Pro tip: Prioritize self-care and block off time to participate in the live workshops, games, and giveaways throughout the day.

Self-Care Camp Sessions


Movement + Wellness (10am ET / 9am CT)

Bands + Bodyweight with Jenna Stern @thephilasophy_

This is a 45 minute full body workout that utilizes resistance bands and bodyweight exercises. This class is open to ALL fitness levels and bodies. Modifications are available.

Jenna is a certified personal trainer, nutritional guide and spin instructor in Philadelphia. She is also the creator and owner of The Philasophy, her health and wellness business focused on helping all women rediscover a positive relationship between their bodies, food and fitness.

Productivity + Mindset (12pm ET / 11am CT)

Discovering Your Hinging Points with Kenzie Groh @kenzgroh

We all have hinging points, also known as non-negotiables. When we feel like the wheels are falling off or maybe things aren’t going right in life this is the perfect tool to come back to. Hinging points allow you to identify what’s important to you and allows you to show up as your best and highest self.

Kenzie is a master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (NLP), master life coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and reiki master. She believes that healing happens on multiple levels and encompasses the mind, body, and soul.

Multipassionate Lifestyle (2pm ET / 1pm CT)

Matcha 101 with Melissa McGill @_melissa_mcgill_

Matcha 101 is an introduction to Matcha and how to incorporate it into your life. Learn all about it’s benefits, how to use it and how it provides calm sustained energy.

Melissa is wife, mom and entrepreneur from New York City. As an Independent Sipologist, Melissa is a Loose Leaf Tea and Matcha enthusiast who TEAches classes to share her love of tea. She leads a CommuniTEA focused on steeping kindness, positiviTEA and uplifting others.

Camp Bingo + Giveaways (4pm ET)

Sessions are 60-90 minutes each with the exception of the final 30-minute session with D20 Theory at 4pm.

quarterly retreat for multipassionate women

Coming soon…

Self-Care Camp » A retreat for multipassionate women who need a break from #adulting for a day to nourish their minds and bodies while making meaningful connections. (QUARTERLY » [virtual] Dec/March/June/Sept)

Productivity + Tea » Grab your favorite beverage and join us for a low-key chat with a rotating panel of productivity and mindset experts you really oughta know. (QUARTERLY » [virtual] Jan/April/July/Oct)

Girls with Goals » A productivity + mindset workshop series featuring interactive activities, classes + masterminds lead by multipassionate women. (ANNUALLY » [hybrid: virtual + Philly] October)

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