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Productivity + Tea » Fall 2022

Productivity + Tea

Grab your favorite beverage (I’ll be drinking hot tea!) and join us for a low-key chat with a rotating panel of productivity and mindset experts you really oughta know.

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a vlog or podcast episode with your favorite boss babes? This is your chance to not only watch the live interview, but also join in the conversation and connect with other multipassionate women.

We’ll chat about productivity, mindset, and personal development, as well as all things multipassionate. Get ready to learn from the best of the best! Submit your questions ahead of time or during the event to receive live feedback from the experts.

The Details

Date + Time

Thursday, October 13 @ 7:00pm ET


virtual » Zoom


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Registration closes October 13 @ 4pm ET

Danielle Massi

Meet our guest expert…

Danielle Massi, M.S., LMFT is a master shadow work practitioner, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and CEO of The Wellness Collective, a holistic healing space in Philadelphia. Her signature shadow work program, the Create Your Light Academy, continues to help thousands of spiritual women unearth, remove, and heal unconscious blocks that are causing disconnect between their mind, body, and energy.

Danielle is the founder of the SELF(ISH)philly Conference, a self-care conference, where hundreds of women gather annually to indulge in a day of expansion and growth, and the creator of the Shadow Seekers® Certification course that teaches spiritual leaders to become trauma-informed, certified shadow workers.

​Danielle has written for and been featured in New York Mag, The Cut, Shape Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, and is a frequent guest on major news outlets and high-ranking podcasts. She is the creator of The Shadow Seekers® Journal, the most highly sought-after shadow work journal on the market, and Danielle has a new book releasing 9/20/22 with Union Square Publishing titled Shadow Work.

Danielle is our go-to gal for… self care, holistic wellness, and shadow work.

Follow @iamdaniellemassi on Instagram.

Here’s the tea…

Before we chat with Danielle, our resident tea expert, Melissa McGill, will share a tea that is a perfect pairing for self care, holistic wellness, and shadow work. Sipology’s Sugar Plum Dream is a little bit dark and mysterious—just like shadow work! The natural flavors of dried currant berries, apples, orange peel, rose hip, and plum petals support a holistic self care and wellness routine.

Sip with us! Order a bag of Sugar Plum Dream to enjoy during the event.

Melissa is wife, mom, and entrepreneur from New York City. As an Independent Sipologist, Melissa is a Loose Leaf Tea and Matcha enthusiast who TEAches classes to share her love of tea. She leads a CommuniTEA focused on steeping kindness, positiviTEA, and uplifting others.

Coming soon…

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