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Productivity + Tea » Spring 2022

Productivity + Tea

Grab your favorite beverage (I’ll be drinking hot tea!) and join us for a low-key chat with a rotating panel of productivity and mindset experts you really oughta know.

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a vlog or podcast episode with your favorite boss babes? This is your chance to not only watch the live interview, but also join in the conversation and connect with other multipassionate women.

We’ll chat about productivity, mindset, and personal development, as well as all things multipassionate. Get ready to learn from the best of the best! Submit your questions ahead of time or during the event to receive live feedback from the experts.

The Details

Date + Time

Thursday, January 27 @ 7:00pm ET


virtual » Zoom


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Registration closes April 28 @ 5pm ET

Jess Williamson

Meet our guest expert…

Jess Williamson is an award winning mindset & business coach and serial entrepreneur having scaled 4 successful businesses in the last 5 years… it’s safe to say, she has built her fair share of business experience! She is the woman behind the “Couch Chats” Podcast.

When Jess isn’t busy supporting her clients and getting them epic results in their businesses… or running her own empires… she loves to explore and go on adventures or relax at the beach!

Jenn is our go-to gal for… mindset, energetics, and simple strategies in scaling businesses.

Follow @Jess.Williamson8 on Instagram.

Coming soon…

Self-Care Camp » A retreat for multipassionate women who need a break from #adulting for a day to nourish their minds and bodies while making meaningful connections. (BIANNUAL » [virtual] Winter/Summer)

Productivity + Tea » Grab your favorite beverage and join us for a low-key chat with a rotating panel of productivity and mindset experts you really oughta know. (QUARTERLY » [virtual] Jan/April/July/Oct)

Girls with Goals » A productivity + mindset workshop series featuring interactive workshops, classes + masterminds lead by multipassionate women. (ANNUAL » [virtual] October)

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