Productivity + Mindset Coaching

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more time for the things that make you happy and the mindset to enjoy every minute to the fullest?

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What is Productivity + Mindset Coaching?

Let’s start with the basics about what P+M Coaching is and is not.

P+M Coaching is…

A structured program in which a coach acts as a mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader to improve your productivity and mindset skills so you can achieve the goals you define for yourself.

P+M Coaching is not…

Financial, legal, relationship, fitness, or business coaching. But I can refer you to coaches in any of these areas while we build a strong foundation of productivity and mindset skills to complement all of your goals.

What makes D20 Theory’s program unique?

The short answer is: you, me + the coaching framework I designed specifically for us.

My services are for…

Multipassionate millennial women who are invested in personal growth. I provide goal-getters with the individualized systems and tools they need to get more out of the 24 hours we are given each day. I help my clients embrace their strengths and abilities, identify and overcome obstacles, reflect on successes and failures, and build confidence to achieve more.

Why choose Kelly?

I have…

  • spent the last 7 years helping hundreds of clients set + achieve goals as a counsellor and manager
  • developed the D20 Theory Think Say Do Model™ based on the principles of alignment + well-roundedness
  • the personality, perspective + skill set to support multipassionate millennial women in achieving their goals

Think Say Do Model™

The TSD Model was developed from the belief that we are happiest when what we think, say, and do are in alignment and we embrace all our facets…like a D20 die! The TSD Model is informed by peer-reviewed psychological research on positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which has been adapted for use outside of psychotherapy.

Membership Packages

There are three membership levels with variable rates based on the length of your subscription (monthly, quarterly, biannually). That means you have nine options to choose from with options to save money when committing to three or six months of sessions!

Check out the current membership packages here.

How do I know it’s a good fit for me?

There are so many life coaches to choose from. We often say we like having choices, but too many choices can quickly become overwhelming! Analysis paralysis is one of our greatest obstacles as multipassionate goal-getters.

I’ll let you in on a secret: you’re already in the right place. You already know and love D20 Theory’s content, products, and events. You don’t have to search the entire internet for a coach when your girl is right here!

Take the first step

Whether you’re not quite sure or you’ve been thinking “yeah! yeah! yeah!” as you’ve read this page, the next step is the same. What can I say? As a productivity queen, I like to keep things simple and streamlined.

Book a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me. You don’t pay a penny until you’re confident I’m the right coach for you. I would love to get to know the multipassionate powerhouse that you are, so let’s chat!

Worried about fine print and high-pressure sales pitches? I took one marketing communications class in undergrad, and it confirmed that I do not have the personality of a salesperson! When you book a call with me, you get a conversation with a real person who is genuinely interested in learning how I can best serve you.

There is absolutely no commitment or expectation to join the program if you’re not feeling it. My role as a coach is to inspire confidence, which is built on a foundation of trust, not scammy sales.

Clients are saying…

I really enjoyed the 1:1 sessions and the weekly check in emails. They were really helpful to keep me on track. I had an easy time finding availability that lined up even with my weird work schedule which is def a plus.


I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Kelly and it has helped me on my journey to be more productive. From the beginning it is easy to tell that Kelly really wants to help you succeed in your goals and starts off with a series of thought provoking questions.  These questions become the baseline of what you want to achieve through Kelly’s coaching and it really makes you think about what is in your way or keeping you from achieving your goals.

Every week she sends out a weekly check in that either revolves around a particular aspect, such as handling being overwhelmed, or thought exercises that may help you figure out what else could be holding you back. If you are struggling being productive and looking for a coach, I HIGHLY recommend you see Kelly.


Kelly has been a great support system, coach, and mentor. She helped me with goal planning and having a clear vision and steps to accomplishing these goals over a 3 months period. Having specific tasks and habits checklist has kept me on track and that much closer to achieving my long-term goals. The D20 Theory Overwhelm Reduction worksheet is one of the great resources that comes with coaching. I’ve used this to check in with myself and hold myself accounts.

Highly recommend the D20 Theory coaching program, perfect for all boss women and women looking to grow themselves, their brands, and their business. The program is customizable to you, your needs, and your goals. Kelly is incredible to work with and really makes this experience so smooth and amazing as you work on achieving your goals.