April showers, bridal showers? No, that’s not how the rhyme goes… Ready or not, it's that time of year, and I have one suggestion to make bridal shower gift shopping a whole lot easier.

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I’m not sure what has inspired me to write about bridal shower gifts. Perhaps it was the recent 6-month ring checkup for my Zales warranty. Or maybe the spring flowers blooming around the neighborhood remind me of wedding bouquets. It’s true that wedding season is right around the corner, which means that bridal shower season is HERE! How many bridal showers do you have on your calendar already? Do you have gifts ready for each one? If not, allow me to suggest the perfect bridal shower gift: the ring dish. I’ll explain how this seemingly generic gift can be the most thoughtful and unique gift the bride receives on HER special day before the BIG day.

An Ironic Pundit

I didn’t actually have a bridal shower for a few reasons, so I may seem unqualified to write about them. I don’t like being showered with gifts and attention, and I would be mortified if I received lingerie in the presence of my husband’s grandmother. Additionally, the majority of my female relatives either live halfway across the country or could not comfortably afford to purchase both shower and wedding gifts.

It’s not that I cared if they gifted me anything for either occasion, but it can be difficult to convince others you’re not just saying that to be nice. I honestly preferred that they invested their money and effort into traveling to the wedding and enjoying the time we had together that weekend. I also concluded that, if someone really wants to spend extra money on the bride, there are many ways to do so. I do, however, enjoy giving thoughtful gifts! Check out my previous post for a post-wedding gift idea for the newlyweds.

Let’s break it down!

Who is receiving the gift: the bride

What is the gift: ring dish

Where should it be purchased: local gift or artisan shops. Find a gift as unique as the bride, and support small businesses.

When should it be purchased: a month prior to the shower date. You want to have enough time to peruse the brick and mortar shops to find the perfect gift. The process takes longer than ordering a generic set of utensils from the Bed, Bath & Beyond online registry, but a little extra time and effort will allow you to show the bride how special she is to you.

Why? Every bride needs one (or two, or three) ring dishes to keep those beautiful, new rings safe. And three is not an exaggeration: nightstand, kitchen sink, bathroom/vanity. Ring dishes are a generic gift for the simple reason that they are universally useful, but they can easily be elevated to a thoughtful, personalized gift she will treasure forever.

Hand-stamped “Mr. and Mrs.” ring dish from Earth and State

This ring dish was a gift for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. It was purchased from Earth and State, a local shop in Media, PA. They showcase handmade pottery and crafts from around the world, and the staff was very helpful in making recommendations that lead me to this purchase. They even have a gift registry!

Going the Extra Mile

The details will make your gift stand out. Not everyone appreciates stationery, but I truly believe in the sentimental value of a handwritten message on a thoughtfully chosen card. This card was also purchased from Earth and State. I could—and probably will—write an entire post about stationery and card-writing, but the main takeaway is that cards are not optional. If fact, they are arguably the most important component of a genuine gift.

Ring dish and greeting card from Earth and State

Although value should ideally be placed on the quality of the gift, and not the monetary value, you may be uncomfortable with the relatively inexpensive nature of a ring dish. My favorite solution to this “problem” is to pair a personalized gift with an item from the registry that is used in the same part of the home. For example, you could match the color of kitchen ring dish to the color of KitchenAid mixer on the registry.

Finally, if you create an Amazon Wedding Registry, you receive 10% off most products on Amazon after your event date. Nearly everyone uses Amazon, so it’s one of the most convenient registries for both guests and recipients.

April showers, bridal showers?

What is the best shower gift you have given or received? What made it so special? Leave a comment below!

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