It’s easy to support your local community of female small business owners with this guide to five brands every goal-getter should know in the Philadelphia area.

I am an affiliate partner for some products mentioned in this post. All expressed opinions are my own. However, I may receive commission for the sale of select products or services.

One of my favorite things about owning a small business in Philadelphia is the opportunity to be a part of the local SBO community. Supporting other women in business is one of D20 Theory’s core values.

I foster a sense of community over competition by partnering with local boss babes for D20 Theory’s events, adding value to their events as a speaker and vendor, and including their products in the quarterly subscription box. These are five of my favorite Local Spotlight partners from past subscription boxes.

Philadelphia Brands

Photo Credit: Girls Gone Happy

Girls Gone Happy

Mission: Girls Gone Happy uses powerful questions to help women listen deeply to themselves and to each other—creating lifelong friendships and powerful “aha” moments in the process.

Featured box: Summer 2021

Favorite products: question and topic card decks


Photo Credit: State of Being

State of Being

Mission: State of Being helps you live in the moment of your truth. Affirmation candles encourage whatever state inspires and motivates you by combining affirmations with scent.

Featured Box: Spring 2022

Favorite products: affirmation candles


Photo Credit: Danielle Massi

Danielle Massi

Mission: Danielle Massi is a shadow work practitioner, owner of The Wellness Collective, and founder of the SELF(ISH)philly Conference. She’s also a motivational speaker and best-selling author.

Featured Box: Winter 2021

Favorite Products: Shadow Seekers Journal and Shadow Work book (coming out soon!)


Brands in the Suburbs

Photo Credit: Curious & Co.

Balance Bound Planner

Mission: Balance Bound Planner helps busy people create order, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care.

Featured Box: Fall 2020

Location: Delaware County, PA

Favorite Products: planners and stationery


Photo Credit: Soul Safari Naturals

Soul Safari Naturals

Mission: Soul Safari Naturals was founded by a nurse and mom who is passionate about sharing how to reconnect with yourself and find calm in the little soul-soothing me moments.

Featured Box: Summer 2022

Location: Bucks County, PA

Favorite Products: artisan soap and body butter


Subscription Box

Each quarterly subscription box includes at least one product from a Local Spotlight partner, as well as information about how to connect with the brand. You also receive a discount code to try their other products because I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

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Pro Tip: Use the code MULTIPASSIONATE at checkout for a special discount on your first order!

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