Meet Kelly

Kelly Courtney, founder

Hello! As a Productivity and Mindset Coach, I help multipassionate women achieve their most ambitious goals with clarity and confidence. I am also the founder of D20 Theory, a lifestyle brand for women who invest in their self-care and personal development through quality products, memorable experiences, and opportunities for growth. I believe that embracing all of our interests and abilities helps us to roll through life more easily…like a d20 die!

I currently live, was raised, and went to college in the Greater Philadelphia Area. I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 2015, and we own a home in Philly. I hope to someday be a proud mom to cats and human children, but for now I’m just trying to raise healthy and happy houseplants!

I have always been a thoughtful and creative “ideas person.” I also enjoy writing, which was essential when earning my BS and MS in psychology! Learning and growing are insatiable passions of mine, and as I get older, I have come to realize that sharing my knowledge for the benefit of others is a rewarding experience.

Some of my favorite things… farm-to-table meals, Teen Mom OG/2, Real Simple magazine, pretty much anything accented in gold, lakes/rivers/beaches, cardio dance fitness classes, and country music.

Let me know if you share my passions and what topics you enjoy the most. I’ll create content, events, and subscription boxes related to those topics more often! You can fill out the email form on the Contact page, message me on social media, or post in the comments section of any post.

Kelly Courtney, founder

“I adore pretty things and witty words.” – Kate Spade (1962-2018)