About D20 Theory

Our Mission

D20 Theory is a lifestyle brand for multipassionate women who invest in their self-care and personal development through quality products, memorable experiences + opportunities for growth.

The D20 Theory blog and social media accounts feature content related to productivity + mindset, as well as a multipassionate lifestyle. Events bring this content to life and allow participants to connect with a tribe of like-minded ladies. Subscription boxes include thoughtfully curated products that improve productivity + mindset. Coaching provides guidance, accountability, and encouragement for ambitious women to achieve their goals.

D20 Theory is based on the premise that being well-rounded helps us to roll through life more easily.

Embrace all your facets…like a D20 die!

What’s in a Name?

You’re probably wondering about the origin of the name D20 Theory. In 2018, I wanted to start a blog and was trying to decide what my focus should be. As a multi-passionate individual, I was stuck on the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none.” It’s such a negative way to describe a concept that I believe to be a positive trait: well-roundedness. I believe that individuals who are happiest and most successful at navigating life’s obstacles have many facets, like D20 gaming dice.

My husband plays the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends. In this game, they use a variety of dice ranging from pyramid-shaped, 4-sided (D4) dice to nearly spherical, 20-sided (D20) dice. The D20 rolls much more smoothly than the D4 does because it has a greater number of facets on which to land, helping the D20 adjust to whatever direction it must move. The D20 is a metaphor that reminds me to embrace all of my interests and abilities because they will help me to adapt in the face of adversity. At least that’s my theory, the D20 Theory.

Spend your time, money, and calories where they matter most to you!

Kelly Courtney, Founder